The Wonder of Virtual Reality

Put on your Google Cardboard, Viewmaster 3D, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Samsung Gear (coming soon) and dive into the ocean depths, or experience the beauty of PolyAquatic in 2D on just your phone! Watch the Trailer

Teeming with Life

Swim with schools of sea bass, mackerels, turtles, minnows, jellyfish, and whales! Each with their own personality and favorite places to be, you might even hear their sounds before you see them! Discover the Aquatic Life

Breathtaking Seascapes

Shipwrecks, treasure chests, hidden grottoes, underwater gardens and a deep sea canyon; explore an ocean floor that shrimp, clams, starfish and crabs call home. Can you find them all? Explore the Ocean Floor