Sea Bass

Wanting to shed the association of their more famous cousin (the less-than-huggable Patagonian Toothfish), these Sea Bass love to display their bright colors and prefer the sunlight and lighter pressures as compared to the deep. Their hobbies include swimming and spending time with their friends, and all would say they were the most popular of their school if you asked.


The Orange Jellies prefer to travel in swarms and have been roaming the seas for over 500 million years. During that time they've developed a taste for electric organ music and can be heard humming together to their favorite song. Recently, they have started to demonstrate the ability to produce their own light...

Sea Turtle

These solitary and friendly citizens of the sea are constantly on the lookout for their next juicy bite of seaweed. Creatures of habit, there's always time for another meal in the underwater gardens, be they in the shallows or deep beneath the waves. Never in a hurry, slow and steady; could a ride from one of them be in your future?

Blue Whale

This wise and ancient giant watches over his friends from above, and keeps the krill and copepods in line by eating up to 4 tons of them in a single day! He's the heaviest animal who's ever lived and you'll hear him serenading in his low, timbrous voice.

Painted Ghost Crab

No time for scaring each other, these crustaceans love marching in orderly lines as they scour the ocean floor keeping it spotless and clean. The many colors from which they get their name are easy to spot, and some have been known to fearlessly plunge over the edge of a cliff to catch that spare piece of seaweed the sea current swept outside the reach of their persnickety claws.

Quahog Clam

All our clams are insistent that if they just keep trying they'll all hit that note at the same time. They don't get out much, so if you swim past and they start to applaud, why don't you stay a while? If you look closely among the littlenecks, topnecks, cherrystones and chowders (the different sizes , so say the clam diggers) you might find something priceless!

Royal Red Shrimp

The Royal Red Shrimp preside over their kingdoms of seaweed and clams and shun the open ocean, content to stay near the safety of their ancestral homes. Generations ago they sent a scouting party into the deep sea in search of new territory but it was never heard from again. Better Investigate!


On the side of a sunken ship, clinging to rocks and gazing up from the ocean floor, you can find the starfish stretching out their arms and relaxing. While some starfish can have up to fifty arms, these echinoderms are quite content with their five.

More Coming Soon!

We haven't forgotten about the Mackerels! We are working hard to bring more friends to PolyAquatic so please check back soon!