What Is the Best Hermann Tortoise Bedding or Substrate?

Hermann tortoises love the ground! That is why the bedding used matters a lot. It will hugely contribute to the overall comfort and lifestyle of your pet tortoise.

In this review, we checked out some of the best hermann tortoise substrate on Amazon.

Here are the top 3 substrates for tortoises:

  • YPOWER Prococo Cocochip
  • Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding
  • Zoo Med Terrarium Moss for Amphibians/Reptiles

Best Hermann Tortoise Bedding or Substrate on Amazon

1.   YPOWER Prococo Cocochip

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First on our list of best bedding for Hermann tortoise is the clean YPOWER Proco Cocochip.

It’s main ingredients are high quality coconut hust and has god mositure retention, aeration, and good drainage properties.

Note: The coconut husks are 100% organic. So, no harmful chemicals are added.

It holds enough water for your Juvenile torts and adults can enjoy the comfortabily as the substrate doesn’t require change too often.

Optionally, you can mix with sand to regulate humidity levels too.

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  • Made from top quality coconut husk
  • 100% organic
  • Lasts a long time
  • Can be used in combination with sand for humidity control
  • Provides good aeration and drainage
  • Cleaning is simple


  • It requires additonal care as its prone to molds

2.   Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding

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The Zoo Med Forest Flooer Bedding is another comfortable yet superb substrate for your Hermann tortoise to enjoy.

Produced from cypress mulch, your tortoise will have a fun time digging into it. The materials are purely organic so no fear of chemicals here.

This top hermann tortoise bedding gives your pet’s enclosure a natural feel of home. I highly recommend it. It can also work for lizards, land turtles, salamanders, snakes, frogs and many more.

By buying more of these, you end up saving more $$$ in the long run.


  • Purely natural materials free from harmful chemicals
  • It offers a natural look to your tortoise enclosure
  • It promotes fun digging to burn excessive energy
  • Can be used with other animals too


  • Dirt may be hard to spot when using this substrate

Best Hermann Tortoise Bedding

3.   Zoo Med Terrarium Moss for Amphibians/Reptiles

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Great for digging tortoises, your herman tortoise will love this Zoo Med Terrarium Moss for Amphibian and Reptiles. The best part? It is totally void of all chemicals.

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It is exellent at retaining mositure, so depending on the humidity levels you aim for, you can increase the moisture levels.

It is perfect for egg-laying tortoise, or an an  incubation medium.

Available in all sizes, you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

For comfort and size range, we recommend buying this product.


  • Free from chemicals and dyes
  • It is available in various sizes
  • It is produced from purely natural components
  • A good egg-laying and incubation medium for your tortoise


  • Check packages carefully as some may contain twigs and sticks

4.   Fluker Labs Repta-Bark All Natural Bedding

Premium comfort and top humidity is what this natural bedding promises for your tortoise. You can easily clean up waste and avoid excessive moisture in it’s enclosure.

To prevent ingestion of this substrate, we reommend getting rid of really small sizes that could be eaten and leaving the larger ones.

With this susbrates as foundation, you won’t encounter any insect problems as you use this bedding, so your pet tortoise stays comfortable all day.


  • Absorbs humidity well
  • Controls the smell of the enclosure
  • Every part is natural
  • Can be used for a wide range of reptiles
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  • Forms molds in high humidity

5.   Exo Terra Plantation Soil Terrarium Substrate

Last on our best hermann substrate reviews is the Exo Terra Plantation Soil Terrarium Substrate.

Produced from compressed coconut fiber, this subsrtate increases humidty range and encourages digging by pet tortoise.

Asides Hermie tortoises, other animals have benefited from this burrowing susbrtae.

It’s 100% natural and has hygroscopic properties that make it ideal for use as an incubation medium.

Since its made of fiber, it tends to get dry and become dusty, so you have to ensure it stays moist.


  • It promotes digging
  • It is 100% natural and safe
  • Can be used to raise the humidity levels of terrariums
  • Beneficial for other burrowing animals too
  • Can also be used as soil for plants


Asides good health, comfort is another luxury pet owners can provide.

That’s why we have these reviews on the best hermann tortoise bedding to help you give your pet more comfortable.

Every product reviewed here promise great comfort so no matter the one you choose, you can expect nothing but the best.

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