Best Lamp for Hermann Tortoise for Heat (UVB Included)

All tortoises are cold-blooded and cannot regulate their own body temperature. That is why tortoises in the wild will sunbath to regulate their body temperature.

Hermann tortoises in captibity lack access to heat lamp that can regulate their body temperature. That is why you need the best heat lamp for hermann tortoise.

Best Lamp for Hermann Tortoise for Heat

  • Zoo Med Reptisun 10.0 UVB Mini Compact Fluorescent

The Zoo Med Reptisun 10.0 UVB Mini Compact Fluorescent is the no.1 heat lamp in the market with a 50-wattage.

This heat lamp has a unique UVB transmitting quart crystal, that makes UVB penetration ideal amount to help strengthen their shells and bones.

What makes this product unique from others in the market is that it can ve aligned horizontally or vertically while emitting the same light and heat.


Size is compact

10% UVB output and 30% UVA output

Designed for basking reptiles

Has longer life

50 Watt bulb

Comes with dual bulbs in one pack – a steal for the deal.

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  • Exo Terra Heat-Glo Infrared Spot Lamp, 120-Volt

If you place your terrarium at a place with enough natural light or artificial lighting and you need a heat lamp, this product is perfect for you.

This product is able to create anough heat inside the terrarium without using much light. Thus, making it ideal to use even at night.

SInce it is a 100W heat lamp, this product can be used in larger tanks and if there are more than one tortoises in the terrarium.


100 Watt heat lamp

Perfect for big tortoises

Generates heat without light

It produces more heat than a traditional incandescent bulb

Best Lamp for Hermann Tortoise

  • Rrimin Reptile Tortoise UVA UVB 3.0 Heating Lamp

This product comes in 3 variety on the market: 24W, 50W, and 75W. The Rrimin Reptile Tortoise UVA UVB 3.0 Heating Lamp density is low.

The Ultra Violet-B radiation can encourage reptile Vitamin D3 synthesis increasing vitality. An extra advantage of this product is that, aside from helping your tortoise, this product can also help the growth of plants in the terrarium.


Size is small

Has a low-density UVB output

It encourages plant growth

It encourages the synthesis of Vitamin D3

  • Evergreen Pet Supplies 100 Watt UVA UVB Mercury Vapour Bulb/Light/Lamp

This product has a power output of 100W that can be used both as a source of heat and as a daylight bulb. What seperates this from the rest on the market is that it can be used in all enclosures no matter the size.

The product is compatible with different enclosures, including tanks, vision cages, vivariums,. terrariums, and more.


100W potenial bulb

Perfect for all reptile types and not just Hermann’s tortoise

The best in the class life span

  • Evergreen Pet Supplies 2-Pack of 75 Watt Infrared Heat Lamp Light Bulb

This heat lamo is a powerful source of infrared heat emission for animals yet compact sized. Being a 75 Watt bulb means this prodcut can be ideal for not only Hermann’s tortoise but also for different amphibians and reptiles, including bearded dragons, hermit crabs, turtles, tortoises and geckos.


A sturdy 75 Watts bulb

Compatible with different enclosures

The 3-layer quality test ensures best in the class lifespan

Ideal for night time heating

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