Can Greek Tortoise Eat Apple? ANSWER HERE!

A lot of things have been said when it comes to getting the right diet for a  Horsefield Tortoise, you ought to be careful because food is an essential aspect of growth. A Greek tortoise can eat Apple, but make sure it is in moderation, for fruit-eating species, Apples provide a variety of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. They contain a high level of sugar.

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Can Greek Tortoise Eat Apple? –FIND OUT!

All fruit-eating species of Tortoise can eat apples in moderation, except for Mediterranean tortoise. It is safe for this species. Tortoise is an omnivorous animal with a voracious appetite, meaning they can eat fruit if it is given to them. Sometimes, one of them can refuse to have Apple because his preference would have changed.

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The average diet for a Horsefield tortoise must consist of 80% leafy greens; which includes kale, mustard, collard greens, carrot leaves; vegetables like Yellow or Green bell pepper, sweet potato, and cauliflower. You just have to feed them with high-quality, and high-fiber options rich in vitamins and minerals.

Can Horsefield Tortoise Eat Apple

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Is Apple Good For A Horsefield Tortoise?

Fruits should just be a 20% ratio of their diets, such as melons, grapes, apples (at minimum quantity), and bananas. You ought to make sure that the Apple is served RAW! You must not feed them with cooked apples. Apple is not bad at all, but excess could lead to sickness if not death. They need variety, vegetables, preferably.

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Clean your Horsefield Tortoise’s mouth daily, else, food particles will linger around their mouth, and end up decaying. Resulting in severe health consequences, if not demise. Species like Russian, Red-Footed, and Sulcars must have 10% of the fruit. They take more of dark, leafy greens.

No other reason than the fact that these species are herbivores. Used to hot regions, developed hardiness to fit into any environment whatsoever. Summarily, a Horsefield Tortoise can eat Apple, but you ought to make sure it is in moderation or includes Sliced, Chunks, Peeled, or unpeeled.

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A Horsfield Tortoise will eat all the vegetables and plants served before you, hence, you need to be watchful of the garden you cultivate these plants and vegetables, to put away from poisonous plants.

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