Can Hermann Tortoise eat Aloe Vera? LEARN MORE

They can safely consume aloe Vera, but since it is a laxative, I wouldn’t feed too often.

Aloe Vera is great for your tortoise. Same thing applies to cactus. To feed, simply slice it small and watch your ladies and gentlemen go to work on it.

You can swap it with opuntia every other day or so. That ensures he doesn’t get bored with his diet.

So, can Hermann tortoises eat aloe Vera plant? Aloe Vera is safe to feed to Hermann tortoises in moderation but can trigger a laxative effect if fed too much.

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Alternatively, aloe vera gel can be rubbed on small skin wounds to aid your tort healing process.

Note: Feed only aloe vera’s from an established plant. What that means is that you should never feed potted plant that you recently bought from Home Depots a few weeks ago.

Can Hermann Tortoise eat Aloe Vera?

As earlier mentioned, Aloe vera is good for Herman tort’s but when feed too often, it can cause runny poop.

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Plus, it contains a large amount of nutrition compared to other succulents. It has proven to be a good varietal item, and to get past the hard outer coating, you only need to cut the piece open and scoop the pulp out.

Aloe vera has shown to be super good for sulcatas and leopards.

Can Hermann Tortoise eat Aloe Vera

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What Species of Aloe Vera is safe for my Boys?

With so many various types of aloe out there, are they all safe for my little Hermann tortoise to eat?

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The Aloe Vera species has a number of synonyms: A. barbadensis Mill., Aloe indica Royle, Aloe perfoliata L. var. vera and A. vulgaris Lam.,and common names including Indian Aloe, Chinese Aloe, true Aloe, Barbados Aloe, burn Aloe, first aid plant. The species name vera means “true” or “genuine.”

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