Can Hermann Tortoise Eat Apples? HOW MUCH IS SAFE?

Feeding a Russian tortoise comes with certain responsibilities especially in the area of feeding. So, are apple safe for Hermann tortoise? Are they a healthy option?

So, can a Hermann tortoise eat apples? Yes, but under strict moderation. Perhaps, once or twice every 3 months is safe. That is because apple is a fruit and fruits are high in sugar levels.

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Can Hermann Tortoise Eat Apples?

Apples can be crunched/munched on by Hermann tortoises. However, feed only on special occasions as Russians, Greeks, Hermann’s, Leopards, and Sulcatas cannot digest sugars properly – it causes kidney and digestive problems.

Aside apples, you should also feed bell peppers, tomato, and carrot very sparingly and very occasionally. Banana is too sugary and should be fed rarely, if any at all.

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My tortoise will eat windfall apples if he finds them, haha. So, I make sure he can’t.

Can Hermann Tortoise Eat Apples

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Help! My Tortoise is not eating Apples

First, not all tortoises like apples and many will choose to ignore if it is provided.

Do not be amazed if your tortoise does this; they know what’s good and what’s bad for them (in my cases). Plus, each has its own preference.

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Either way, you are responsible in monitoring and controlling what they do and do not eat.

Since tortoises are generally omnivores, their diet consist of around 80% leafy greens; this includes mustard, collard greens, kale, carrot leaves and other veggies such as cauliflower, sweet potato, and green or yellow bell pepper.

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