Can Hermann Tortoise Eat Arugula Greens? FIND OUT

Baby Lettuces are safe for torts with no negative effects. However, can your pet tortoise eat arugula? If so, how much is safe?

Can Hermann tortoises eat arugulas? Baby green such as arugula, mizuna, tatsoi, baby spinach, and red swiss chard are safe for your pet Hermann tortoise.

Can Hermann Tortoise Eat Arugula Greens?

Yes! Your Hermann tortoise can eat arugula greens. Even better, make it more diet-rich by throwing in a salad pack of spring mix of: baby lettuces (green and red romaine, red and green oak, tango, lolla rossa, red and green leaf), baby greens (mizuna, arugula, tatsoi, mache, red and green chard, baby spinach), endive and radicchio.

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Young green bean leaves are ok in moderation, but make sure you don’t feed the pods or beans; they’re toxic to torts! Same with zucchini, the flowers are ok in moderation, but the vegetable itself isn’t recommended.

Can Hermann Tortoise Eat Arugula

Is this okay to feed? My tort seems to love it.

Yes, these are safe when fed in moderation, of course. When there are no flowers or weeds available, You can buy Pre alpin to feed.

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It’s a pellet that’s made from dried out weeds that have been squished together. You soak it until it falls apart again, then put it over fresh greens. Optionally, you can feed some house plants.

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Here are some other alternatives to feed your tortoise:

  • Romaine
  • Red and green lettuce
  • Endive
  • Beet greens (very little, sparingly)
  • Turnip greens (Very little, sparingly)
  • Dandelion greens
  • Escarole
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Turnip greens or beet greens have proven to be very rich in oxalics and will prevent calcium from being absorbed. That is why I recommend feeding very little, sparingly.

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