Can Hermann Tortoise Eat Avocado Fruit, Pit & Leaves? 100% SAFE!

Different tortoise species love avocados and I have never heard of any issues linked to feeding them. But, I have read in various books that avocados contain a bad calcium to phosphorus ration which means that if fed in large quantities and often enough, a tortoise’s calcium uptake might get inhibited.

Avocado fruits are rich in fats too but in moderation this can be beneficial, especially for breeding females who use the additional lipids during egg production.

So, Can a Hermann tortoise eat avocado fruit, pits and leaves? L.o.L, ofcourse your tort can eat it. Mine has ate it quite a bit and always has, even the leaves of the trees without any ill effect. Remember, like any food, feed in moderation.

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Can Hermann Tortoise Eat Avocado?

Yes, your pet Hermann tort can safely consume avocado but only in small amounts. Besides, avocados are said to be one of those “super foods” that are rich in oils or fats.

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As for the avocado fat, it is a monosaturated fat and not quite as bad as some other kinds of fats. Animals need some fat in the diet, although we need to avoid EXCESS.

If they’re in anyway harmful then my mom would have known by now as she has been feeding them to tortoises (let me stress once more – in moderation) for almost 40 years.

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Note: There are no clinical literature that suggest that avocado is a risk for reptiles in general and a lot of keepers of various torts species have reported no issues when used in moderation.

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Can Hermann Tortoise Eat Avocado

But My friend says It is bad, What do I do?

I think sometimes people will overfeed a particular food type, typically a fruit, and have a negative experience as a result. So from that time, the offending food item will be labeled harmful, dangerous, risky, or bad by that person. That keeper may then go on to warn others against ever feeding that item to their reptiles or tortoises.


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