Can Hermann Tortoise Eat Bananas as Treats? LEARN MORE

Can Hermann Tortoises eat banannas?

Banana is a fruit and fruits should be fed under strict moderation.

Can Hermann Tortoise Eat Bananas?

Hermann tortoises can be fed banana in small amounts because it is rich in sugar.

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Feed healthy greens more though, your tortoise will eat it when it hungry enough.

Can Hermann Tortoise Eat Banana

Can Hermann Tortoise Eat Banana?

Yeah, but only as treats and only once per 3 months. In the wild, these tortoises would come across the odd fallen fruit at the right period of the year and sure will take some bites.

However, chances are this might only be once every 365 days or so. Other fruits these animals might stumble upon include date, wild melon, or fig.

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Feeding as a treat or to encourage medicine consumption is fine but you should never substitute this fruit for proper tortoise diet.

Do not feed them too often that your tort begins to ignore its proper diet. That could go South really quick.

In the past, I have fed my adult Ibera a strawberry when they’re in season in the garden but they also ate everything else so one or two in June would bring no danger or harm.

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