Can Hermann Tortoises Eat Asparagus? [Is This Veggie Safe?]

When fed in moderation, asparagus is fine. Only thing I might worry about is that it has a 1:3 calcium to phosphorus ratio. Otherwise the stuff looks quite good.

So, Can a Hermann tortoise eat asparagus? Small bits as treats will do no harm but Asparagus is a known diuretic with a low calcium to Phosphorous ratio, so we do not recommend feeding large amounts. Avoid feeding the berries as they are dangerous.

Can Hermann Tortoises Eat Asparagus

Can Hermann Tortoises Eat Asparagus?

Asparagus has small amounts of oxalate which is good, but high in proteins which is bad, so like has been said, definitely shouldn’t be a staple part of the diet. However, it can be served as a rare treat in moderate amounts.

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Follow this rule – feed it but not too much and not too often.

Note: Because asparagus is a diuretic, it breaks down kidney stones and has a high acid content that is why your pee smells funny too. Your tort might have smelly pee too, once ingested.

Another alternative to avoiding kidney stones in reptiles such as torts is feeding some romaine, the water content will keep the tort well hydrated from the inside.

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