ANSWER HERE – Can Hermann Tortoises eat Basil and Parsley?

Can my Hermanns eat basil & parsley? Your tortoise can have them (parsley and basil) as part of a varied diet. Your torts can consume parseley and basil leaves, in moderation of course.

Can Hermann Tortoises eat Basil?

Absolutely! Basil can be fed to your pet tortoise in moderation. However, due to its strong taste and aroma, you tortoise might find it less appetising.

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Basil is a common herb in the United tates grown and available in two varieties – Green-leaved and purple-leaved varieties.

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Can Hermann Tortoises eat Basil

Over the years, it has served as both food and as insect repelling plant. It is particulalry toxic to mosquities but has no known hazards to mammals.

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