A SAFE VEGGIES? Can Hermann Tortoises eat Beetroots?

My Pet Mediterranean tortoises feeds on beet greens, including the stem (but without the roots) as part of a varied diet and I have never had a problem with them.

They’re rich in Vitamin A and calcium but also contain oxilac acid and phosphorus so they are part of a staple part of a diet for tortoises.

so, Can a hermann tortoise eat Beetroot leaves? Yes, leaves and flowers should only be fed to your tortoise in little amounts on rare occassions because they are high in oxalic acid.

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Lastly, ensure your tortoise has access to good and clean water before feeding.

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Can Hermann Tortoises eat Beetroots?

Yes! Your pet tortoise can eat Fresh beetroot, sparingly.

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Beets aren’t toxic but they are highy concentrated with oxalates. That element prevents calcium absorption.

Can Hermann tortoise eat Beet Greens?

Yes, but in small amounts since beet greens are rich in oxalate.

Oxalates can trigger kidney stones when over-consumed in beet greens and beetroot.

Can Hermann Tortoises eat Beetroot

Can Hermann Tortoises eat Pickled Beetroot?

No, they should not.

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Can Hermann Tortoise eat Beet Root?

Never feed the beet itself (the root).


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