Can Hermann Tortoises Eat Blueberries? – HOW MUCH IS SAFE?

Tortoises can be fed blueberries but only as a special treat.

So, can a Hermann tortoise eat blueberries? Yes, they can but never overdo it, it can lead to health complications.

Can Hermann Tortoises Eat Blueberries?

Unless you own a fruit-based tortoise, berries should be rarely fed. In the case of a Hermann tortoise, you should feed on special occasions.

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Can Hermann Tortoises Eat Blueberries

Plus, the leaves of blueberry are believed to contain tannins and have some diuretic properties, so although little amounts in the diet would bring no ill effects, we don’t recommend feeding the leaves in whatever amount.

Best to be safe than sorry.

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Remember, Hermann’s like other Testudo species should not frequently be fed fruits. A very occasional piece of fruit is fine once in a while but never feed too much.

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