Can Hermann Tortoises Eat Brussel Sprouts? FIND OUT!!!

Brussel sprouts is safe for consumption, moderately. Remember, too much of anything is bad for any living creature.

Variety is the secret to feeding tortoises. Food should also include Vitamin D3, and Calcium for strong, healthy bones.

So, can a Hermann tortoise eat sprouts? A small piece on rare occasions should do no harm. Feed more as a treat on certain occasions.

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can hermann tortoises eat brussel sprouts

Can Hermann Tortoises Eat Brussel Sprouts?

Small bits here and there will not kill him, but it’s not good for him either. Why not skip it in favour of foods that ARE “good” for him?

Brussels sprouts contain oxalates that will bind with calcium and make it unavailable to your pet tortoise. So, feed wisely!

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