HOW Can Hermann Tortoises eat Buttercups? SEE HERE

Tortoises in the wild do eat buttercups despite some saying they are toxic. Studies carrot out on wild tort poop has shown that there are quite high levels found in the feces.

Now, tha does not ean they should be fed exclusively.

So, can my pet tortoise eat buttercups? I think it boils down to personal choice. The plant is mildly toxic so I advise feeding very small amounts if you must. Otherwise, you can avoid feeding it to your pet tortoise.

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A tort’s digestive system is so slow that a lot of harmful things pass through with no harm, but would not advise feeding them.

Can Hermann Tortoises eat Buttercups?

Tortoises have fed on it in small amounts on certain occasions. The rule is Рthe lesser, the healtheir. Try as much as possible to eradicate the temptation of feeding too much as there is a reference to a tortoise dying after ingesting large quantities of Buttercup.

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Buttercups belong to rannunculidae family and several varities have proven to be toxic. With some having more toxins than the other.

When glycoside rancunculin (the leaves) get crushed by teeth, it releases another toxin a voliatile acid called protoanemonia which triggers stomach upset colic in live stock, also diarrhea lip blisters.

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Can Hermann Tortoises eat Buttercups


I frown against oveer ingestion of buttercups in any tortoise diet even though I believe it can be tolerated in some amount due to the fact that torts have no teeth and so no protoanemonia is released into the digestive tract, iguanas suffer diarrhea when fed buttercups they chew there food before swallowing.

Buttercups are safe to feed if dryed and are found in hay.

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