WILL or Can Hermann Tortoises eat Carrots? SEE HERE

Sure! Why not? I recommend cheese grating carrots for them once in a while.

An alterative approach would be to allow them eat the carrot whole. That is great for helping them keep their beaks down.

So, can hermann tortoises eat carrots? It is fine to grate or slice it up and feed as treats. Just not too often.

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Can Hermann Tortoises eat Carrots?

Yeah. A Little bit, mixed in, once in a while, is great for your tort.

In the wild, carrots (orange underground part) are not directly munched on by torts. In the case that the roots were exposwd by some animal in the wild, then they probably wouldn’t mind taking a bite, but that is just a wild guess.

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However, all tortoises are corophages, and they eat feces of whatever else is around eating and defecating. So they would have encountered and eaten many amounts of carrot tainted poop in the wild, , as many animals can readily dig to the top of that tap root, and eat some, many do.

Can Hermann Tortoises eat Carrots

What are the Health Benefits of Carrots to Tortoises?

Carrots possess anti-helminth properties that terminates and limits nematode, naturally.

So some amount of carrot in your tort’s diet is a good thing.

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How Much Carrots should I feed my Tortoise?

How much? I would guess about as much as 1 to 3 % every third or fourth meal. Not much. This is how much, about, that is use.

Can Hermann Tortoises eat Carrot Tops?

Carrot tops is Ok in moderation. Torts can eat all parts of the carrots. This include carrot fruit, the tops, and root. In fact, mine will eat any carrot, top or root.

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