What!! Can Hermann Tortoises eat Celery? SEE HERE

They absolutely can. Plus, its a great source 0f fibre. Sadly, it is also highly ruch in phosphorous, low in calcium and does not have a generally recommended nutritional value.

Simply put – it is just full of water and has protien 1.80 , fibre 1.30 , fat 0.30 , calcium(mg) 43.00 , phosphourus 115.00(mg) , vitamin A 00.00.

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So, can a hermann tortoise eat celery? Although not harmful, a couple of bites in a mix of other greens would do no harm.

Can Hermann Tortoises eat Celery?

Small amounts of celery fed for variety sake are safe for your pet.

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Celery leaves are rich in oxalates, and the seeeds have diuretic abilities. The plant is super rich in carbohydrate, sodium and its calcium/phosphorous ratio is not recommended for tortoises.

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Can Hermann Tortoises eat Celery

Can Hermann Tortoises eat Chicory?

Common chicory, or endives can be fed to tortoises with no harm done as far as you feed in small amounts. Feeding too much can activate its calcium stripping compound and negatively affect the overall growth of your pet.

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