Can Hermann Tortoises eat Courgette (Zucchini, Baby Marrow)?

First, no single green is going to ever be a good enough diet, alone. Same thing applies to us, humans. Baby marrows are great…but only Zucchini and I’ll be missing out on other needed nutrients.

So, can herman tortoise eat Zucchini? Yeah, you can feed the fruit to tortoises. However, like cucumber, it is maily made up of water and doesn’t make up a good diet. If you do feed it, do so sparingly.

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Can Hermann Tortoises eat Courgette?

The key ingredient here is variety. Grasses and weeds should make up a large portion of your tortoise diet. Mix it in, and slowly reduce the amount of kale in the mix.

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Can Hermann Tortoises eat Courgette

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Can Hermann Tortoises eat Courgette, Zucchini, OR Baby Marrow Leaves?

The Courgette plant leaves are safe to be fed to tortoises. However, there is no guarantee that yours will like it.

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