Can Hermann Tortoises eat Curly Kale (Collard Greens, Spring Greens)?

Curly kale has only half the oxalic acid of dandelions, making them a highly potentially nutritous food for herman tortoises.

You can feed bagged salad, dandilions, brocolli, and sometimes tomato on occasions. I also recommend adding pellets out too with vitamin D3 and calcium too.

So, can a hermann tortoise eat curly kale? Hermann tortoise can eat kale in small amounts, as part of a variety. You can provide cuttlefish as a calcium source too.

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Can Hermann Tortoises eat Curly Kale?

Kale is a member of the cabbage family and is related to brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower and I think spinach too.

Occassionally, you can feed your Hermann’s and other Northen Mediterraneans kale (and other oxilac acid containing food) not as a large part of their diet, but as an occasional food.

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Can Hermann Tortoises eat Curly Kale

Althpugh they do contain oxilac acid which in large quantities may not be advisable for tortoises, those same plants also have many valuable minerals and vitamins.

Sadly, like all brassicas, it is also rich in goitrens (which interfere with iodine uptake), resulting in throid issues. But, Kale also has a high iodine content, that lessens the goitrogen effect and it is therefore accpetable to let your tortoise munch on it, moderately, especially in winter with non-hibernating tortoises, when fresh weeds are scarce.

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