HOW Can Hermann Tortoises eat Daisies? Yay/Nay?

Livingstone daisy is fine but i dont know about tulips. Plus, not all daisies are edible, some are and others are not.

You’ll need to confirm the variety you have in your garden before feeding. For example, Gazania is a daisy-like flower, and it is edible while Chrystanthemums appear like daisises but are toxic.

Gerbera daisies are safe to eat. Transvaal diaises are edible too. So, you need to do your research and be really sure before feeding.

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Can Hermann Tortoises eat Daisies?

One or two daisys won’t hurt your Hermann tortoise in any way, but don’t feed as the main diet!

A better alternative to feeding it would be to opt for greens and weeds. Such things such as bindweed, sedum, dandelion, opuntia cactus, plantians (the weed, not the fruit known as plantian), mallow, Mulberry leaves, hibiscus, coreopsis, honeysuckle, California poppy, some clovers, some vetches, bermuda grass and many more weeds and wildflowers can be grown in an outdoor tortoise pen.

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Can Hermann Tortoises eat Daisies

It is also possible to grow different weeds and wildflowers indoors and in greenhouses so that your pet tortoise does not have grocery as the main food supply, especially in winter.

Whatever you feed your pet tortoise should be pesticide free too.

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