Can Hermanns can Eat Aquilegia? SAFE/NOT

Aquilegia features a harmful chemical compound known as Cynanogenic glycoside, and although there have been no reported cases of poisoning in humans or in pets such as tortoises and turtles, It would be best avoided.

The roots and plant seeds contain high elements of poison and have cardiogenic toxins that lead to both extreme gastroenteritis and heart palpitations in humans if eaten.

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As far as I could tell, my tortoises were not harmed by having had some. So whilst its, not a suitable food but if a small amount has been eaten then it’s probably not a major panic.

Can Hermanns can eat Aquilegia?

Aquilegia will not harm your Hermann tortoise when consumed in little amounts and among a varied diet. So, I wouldn’t think it would do much harm if they took small bites, but saying this, this plant is potentially toxic so I would not still recommend you feed yours. Only feed small amounts, rarely if you must.

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The roots and seeds are supposed to be the worst parts of the plants but some varieties are actually consumed by humans. So, if a variety is safe for you and me, I would have no issue feeding bits to my pet tortoise.

In the end, the choice is yours. Whether you choose to feed or not, remember to act like a responsible pet parent.

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