AN HEALTHY CHOICE? Can Hermanns Tortoises eat Cucumber

Like melons, cucumber is safe for your pet Hermann to munch on. However, it has no goodness for the tortoise at all same as Melon which has too much water and when consumed in excess can make your tortoise sick.

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Can Hermanns Tortoises eat Cucumber?

We recommend collecting weeds from your garden instead, and watch out for fuel contamination from council spraying and road ides.

So, can a hermann tortoise feed on cucumber? Yeah, they can. However, it is best fed as part of a varied diet.

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Can Hermanns Tortoises eat Cucumber

Alternatives to Feeding Cumber to Tortoises

An alternative to feeding cucumber is freezing baby carrots and then microwaving in water for about 6 minutes – they need to be soft, not mushy and full of water. Add in some sowthiste or dandelions to the carrots to encourage faster eating.

The water in the carrots keeps your torts hydrated.

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