Can Horsefield Tortoise Eat African Daisy? – The Truth!

Unlike the young Tort, the wild adult Horsefield Tortoise can discern hazardous feeds from safe ones. That’s why you need to be so careful about what you give them. Daisies are not hazardous for your Horsefield Tortoise.

There are varieties of daisies, some are poisonous, others are not. Gazania, for instance, is a daisy-like flower that is not hazardous; as well as Gerbera daisies, Livingstone daisies, and Transvaal daisies, but Chrysanthemum looks like daisies, but it is highly toxic. While most flowing bulbs are risky.

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Hence, asides from Chrysanthemum, which is akin to daisies, but deadly, other varieties of daisies aforementioned, are not hazardous. So you need to be sure of the type of daisies you’re getting before feeding your Horsefield. To be on the safe side you can do well by planting these safe varieties around your garden.

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Can Horsefield Tortoise Eat African Diasies

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Is African Daisy Good For Horsefield Tortoise?

Asides from that, you ought to know that the Horsefield is a breed of tortoise that requires more food and even water. Thus, you need to be careful of the kind of food you give them. They are greedy, to an extent that they can consume all the flowers and plants in your garden if you accord the freedom to them.

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A wrong shaped-bowl serving as their water hub can lead to illness and eating the wrong combination of nutrients and feed can also lead to their death. Therefore, kindly ensure you add safe flowers and plants alongside African daisies, to give your Horsefield that desired growth.

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