Can Horsefield Tortoise Eat Aquilegia?-ANSWER!

Aquilegia is not safe for your Horsefield Tortoise to eat. The plant contains the cyanogenic glycoside, although there has been no issue of either poisoning humans or animals, I would avoid feeding Aquilegia in large amounts to your pet.

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Can Horsefield Tortoise Eat Aquilegia?-SAFE/NOT?

Its seeds and roots are so poisonous; they contain cardiogenic toxins, a host to severe gastroenteritis, and heart palpitations (for humans, anyway). Just like most toxic plants, which can only be recognized by you as a pet, and not the Horsefield itself, this plant has some catastrophic effects which can damage your pet’s body if it accumulates.

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Although,  many plants on the toxic list do not end up endangering your Horsefield Tort if they are taken in low quantity as part of a varied diet. Nevertheless, prevention is better than cure. Since it is your sole responsibility to make sure your pet is hale and hearty, you need to keep it off Aquilegia.

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