Can Horsefield Tortoise Eat Aubergine? CHOKING HAZARD?

Aubergine Eggplant, Solanum melongena, whose family is Solanaceae, is a green plant, and all green parts are highly toxic. They contain solanaceous alkaloids, of which a huge amount of concentrations are poisonous.

Research has it that such hazardous elements can be easily destroyed by high and hot temperatures. Which means you can only consume prepared aubergine. Only for others to object based on the fact that the alkaloids contained in modern aubergines will never be too high for a man not to consume.

Nevertheless, it is better to pull off the skin that is concerned. As far as Horsefield Tortoise is concerned, the leaves will contain these alkaloids, hence, the plant must be avoided. It is categorized as dead nightshade, which is a dangerous one. It can only be served on days when you don’t have a feed, or it will take a while to get, while it’s the only option; a small quantity is enough.

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Do take note of these: lily of the Valley, daffodils, Foxglove, hydrangea Rhododendron, lupin, istletoe, Narcissus, peony, rogwort, ahubarb, hellebores, eurphorbias, vinca, lobelia, crocus, avocado, bleeding heart, azalea, hypercium, aconite, chilli peppers, and tobacco plant.

Can A Horsefield Tortoise Eat Aubergine

What Is The Outcome Of Feeding A Horsefield With Aubergine?

Nothing but an edible venom. Plants, fruit, and vegetables should also be compulsory in your Tortoise’s diet. Sincergine is a choking hazard to your pet, you must add a multi-vitamin and calcium supplement, plus fresh foods while feeding your pet.

While other breeds of tortoises eat a wider range of food, Horsefield is herbivore and feed solely on plants and leaves. Protein like mice, rats, and chicks should also be added to your routine, do not make it fruits only. It will be better if your pet takes mustard, collard greens, vegetables, dandelions, and kale more.

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Just to have an enthralling moment, you can dice a bit of fresh cauliflower, green or yellow bell pepper, squash or potato. Horsefield loves alfalfa hay and some commercial Tortoise feed. Melon, kiwi, berries, oranges, and other fruits must own  5-10% of a Tortoise’s diet. Fruits are meant to be served at third and fourth feeding.

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Now, you know Aubergine is toxic to your Horsefield, you can supplement it with the wide number of varieties aforementioned. You have to ensure you give your pet the best for a premium feeling of love. This is the right way to go.

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