Can Horsefield Tortoise Eat Axella? “SECRET HERE”

Yes, Horsefield eats Axella, but you can add a variety of items in the wild, and don’t always give this to your pet, some variables or options must be provided. It should not be the bulk of their diet.

Earthworms, krill, shrimp, daphnia, snails, and a few pretty items can be added, if too big for them, cut it. Other items like tadpoles or feeder fish (which must not be too much because there are fatty to be fed regularly) are not a bad option too.

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You know a tree cannot make a forest, therefore, axella alone will not your pet nutritionally and totally balance. Leafy greens like collard greens, mustard greens, Dandelion, greens, kale, book Choy, dark leaf lettuce (and not the Head iceburg lettuce) can be fed sparingly, with appropriate calcium and phosphorus levels.

Axella, Toxic For Horsefield Tortoise or Not?

No, it’s not. It contains nutritional values for your pet, excess feeding to them   can lead to things you would hate yourself for. You can add carrots (tops are fine too), squash, and green beans. Some people prefer feeding such pets every three days, while others got a different schedule.

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Can Horsefield Tortoise Eat Axella

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Whichever way, just make sure you are not overfeeding your tort  with items in high protein and fat. Then, despite the manner and rate they are fed, always try to monitor third body condition.

It is a sign when your Tort is weakened, they pull their legs into their shell. This simply means your pet is getting too fat, it needs to be feed in small quantities, eat not often, or offer low-fat content.

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The amount of food you will feed your Horsefield is dependent on a bit of your tort. A better way out is to feed your pet with the quantity of food it will consume in 15 minutes. Feeding in a separate container helps to monitor how much and how fast it eats.

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