Can Horsefield Tortoise Eat Axis? SEE HERE

Can Horsefield Tortoise Eat Axis?  YES OR NO?

Axis is a nice choice for Horsefield torts, they should as well eat plenty of collard greens, turnip greens, clover, wild mustard greens, turnip greens, kale, mulberry leaves, and several fruits namely: plantains and figs.

Horsefield Tortoises are herbivores, and they need proper management and feeding that is meant to be done accordingly.

Axis is meant to be supplemented for proper growth and nutrition. Horsefield has many food preferences, including Dandelions.

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For proper development, they need large quantities of Calcium, as their diet consists primarily of vegetables. For calcium, you can get it from cuttle fishbone. Consuming a wide range of vegetables, makes Horsefield Tortoises abhor more nutrients easily.

The best species of grass that can go alongside axis fruit are alfalfa, fescue, rye, or bluegrass. While for vegetables with a high percentage of energy, I mean starch, Horsefield should eat more dark leafy greens.

I discovered that the likes of artichokes, cucumbers, aloe vera, sweet peppers, and celery are also a good way to go.

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Can Horsefield Tortoise Eat Axis

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Do Horsefield Tortoises Eat Axis?

Yes, they do.  Axis is meant to be served in moderation, while lettuce, the green leaf lettuce, precise, is a much better choice.

Iceberg nutrients got a lot that can even make any animal grow even if it’s taken in high quantity. Occasionally snacks are not bad, but they should not be the major part, either axis.

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On the other hand, Horsefield Tortoises should not eat processed food that comes on pellets, even if it is marketed to similar species.

Unprocessed and unfresh food is a poor choice if not a toxic way. They cannot tolerate artificial and foreign chemicals.

Axis fruit is a good choice, but do not make the mistake of constantly feeding them with this alone. Some even go as endangering as feeding their Horsefield with too much protein, cat and dog raisers, particularly. This is dangerous, don’t.

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