Can Horsefield Tortoise Eat Azaleas?-YES OR NO?

Foods like peas, beans, and azaleas should not be served to Horsefield tortoise. The amount of protein is high and it’s toxic to its liver and kidneys. You know they are more vegetarians and more proteins are not needed.

Many other plants: primrose, avocado (leaves & seeds), asparagus, boxwood, amaryllis fern, crowfoot, nightshade family, begonia, ficus, juniper, daffodil, buttercups, ivy, calla Lily, Holly, and poinsettia, are all as poisonous as Azaleas.

There are others too, from azaleas and these, do make sure you ask your Vet. or ask a specialist to notice the plants in your garden in the home. Just keep your Horsefield Tortoise of any plant you doubt about.

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Can Horsefield Tortoise Eat Azeleas

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Azaleas for Horsefield Tortoise, Poisonous or Not?

Since Azaleas happens to be poisonous to your Horsefield, I’d suggest you replace them with other non-toxic plants and fruits. Grass-heavy diets should be avoided for some Tort., Horsefield is not excluded from this. Yet, there is nothing as good as serving any feed whatsoever in moderation. Too many results in obesity.

Feeding your Horsefield Tort. Is an adventurous event, but you need to do it will  great height in care. It is nice knowing that you know the species of your present pet. It will be nicer if, peradventure you have other breeds, try to know the exact one, and do add enough quantity of calcium in a form of non-phosphorous powder plus Vitamin D. It is necessary.

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Whatever you decide to feed your Horsefield, make sure it’s not toxic at all, and you derive joy in feeding it. Kindly note that he appreciates it, and other things you do for him. Spend enough time to just watch it eat; hold a soft conversation with him, and create a strong bond with him. over a great salad.

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