Can Horsefield Tortoise eat Celery, Leaves? – READ HERE!

Occasional feeding of carrots or celery won’t hurt your tortoise.

Can Horsefield tortoises eat Celery? Yes, as part of a varied diet. You should not replace your tortoise greens and weeds with this.

Celery is a mild diuretic and eradicates uric acid from painful joints. It serves asa stimulator for pituitary and thyroid glands and is a tonic for liver problems.

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At times, it plays the role of an antioxidant and is an anti-inflammatory agent.

Can Horsefield Tortoise eat Celery?

Yes, they can. You can serve them small bits on occasions but never go out to buy as a food source. No need to waste time, money and resources.

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The celery itself is a good source of water and can be fed as variety or treats but it offers no much nutritional value.

My male horsefield tortoise loves it as a treat when on holidays (as that is the only period we use this).

Can Horsefield Tortoise eat Celery

Can Horsefield Tortoise Eat Celery Leaves?

You can have a bit of both. There should be no issues as far as they’re part of a mixed weed diet.

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Other fruits Horsefield tortouses can eat include: plantains and figs. Larger non-starchy vegetables like artichokes, aloe vera, sweet peppers, cucumbers, and celery. Horsefield tortoises are herbivores, and need to be fed and managed accordingly.

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