Can Horsefield Tortoise Eat Sprouts (Brussel,Bean), Leaves? – FIND OUT

Sprouts are from the brassica family. So, it is best to avoid all brassicas, or at least feed as a very TINY part of tortoise diet, if you need to feed at all.

Plants from the Brassicas family contain goitrogens; these interfere with the operation of the thyroid gland and stop the tortoise body from absorbing the important calcium in its diet.

This is one of the causes of Metabolic bone disease and really not worth the risk, if you ask me.

Can Horsefield tortoises eat sprouts? A bit of cabbage or kale in an otherwise varied diet is 100% safe (as far as it is in tiny amounts). There is no need for a tortoise keeper or parent to avoid them entirely. If fed too much, then yes, it may cause issues. As always, we recommend feeding as a variety.

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Can Horsefield Tortoise Eat Sprouts?

Since Brussel sprouts are a member of Cabbage (Brassica) family, they do contain goitregens. If plants that are rich in goitrogens are consumed in large bits, it can fault the body’s ability to absorb and utilize iodine, and this can lead to severe damage to the thyroid.

But, since Brussels sprouts are also rich in iodine, this will to some degree counteract the detrimental effect of the goitrens, and it therefore a plant that can be fed in moderation during the winter period when other foods are not easily available.

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Can Horsefield Tortoise Eat Sprouts

Can Horsefield Tortoise Eat Brussel Sprouts?

Brussel sprouts can also be eaten by Horsefield tortoise, in moderation. Plus, remember that variety is the key to feeding tortoises.

Foods containing Vitamin D3 and Calcium should be feed for healthy bones too.

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Can Horsefield Tortoise Eat Sprout Leaves

I think they’re somewhat like cabbage though, ok every now and again as part of a varied diet but not too regualarly.

Can Horsefield Tortoise Eat Bean Sprouts

Bean sprouts are fine to feed in moderation. But, a small portion once a week is enough.


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