”Interesting” – Can Horsefield Tortoises Eat Baby Corn? FIND OUT

Much has been said about the eclectic diet of the Horsfield Tortoise (also referred to as “Horsfieldi”).

This interesting aquatic pet is primarily a herbivore, feeding on a variety of plants, grasses, leafy greens, vegetation, and flowers of non-poisonous plants and weeds.

Can horsefield tortoises feed on baby corn?

Horsefield tortoises require a well-balanced diet to keep them healthy so it’s imperative to ensure proper research is done before feeding them just anything. For the baby corn, YES, horsefield tortoises can eat it.

Baby Corn is a cereal grain taken from corn (maize) and harvested early while the stalks are still small and immature. It typically is eaten whole – cob included – in contrast to mature corn. 

Baby Corn is low in glycemic index, whose GI rate is lower than regular corn. Wondering what is GI rate is?

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It is simply the measurement of carbohydrates in food. It’s rich in vitamins, which include, ascorbic acid, β‐carotene. Calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. 

These features make baby Corn a healthy choice for the Horsfield Tortoise, but we must ensure it is fit for consumption and in an adequate proportion.

can horsefield tortoises eat baby corn

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Can Horsefield Tortoises Eat Baby Corn?

The answer is an emphatic YES as it contains vital vitamins such as Calcium which is essential for the general health of the shell but “portion control” is important to avoid overfeeding which could be harmful.

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Other Fruits/Vegetation That Can Be Varied With Baby Corn

Foods to avoid include Iceberg Lettuce, tomatoes, bananas, spinach, cucumber, while Good foods include dandelion, clover, honeysuckle, leafy salads, watercress, curly kale, Brussel tops, spring greens, coriander, parsley, rocket, carrots, and parsnip.

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It is important to follow the general guide for feeding horsefield tortoises- the 80/20 rule. An 80% for the amount of the veggie and 20% for the fruits.

Are Baby Corn Cobs Safe To Eat By Horsefield Tortoises?

Generally, they are safe for consumption only if it has to be done in small amounts as research indicates.

So, as always, moderation and varieties are crucial when feeding your horsefield tortoises.


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