Poultry Meats Safe? Can Horsefield Tortoises eat Birds?

After housing, nutrition is the most important factor that contributes to the health and success of your pet. 

Improper nutrition has many consequences including ill health and death.

For example, your horsefield tortoise scute pyramiding due to excessive protein consumed regularly.

Scute pyramiding is the excessive upward growth of the scute of tortoiseshell to become pyramidal in shape.

This consequence of ill health, low-quality life, and early death is easily avoided by the right nutrition.

Can Horsefield Tortoises eat birds meat?

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Of course, horsefield tortoises may eat poultry like chickens even though they aren’t carnivores.

But it is advisable not to feed them with it because of the high protein contents in poultry diets.

Be sure to keep meat off their diet otherwise, they will eat it and in no time, it will be harmful to their health.

Although, horsefield tortoises need proteins in their diet, that found in plants is good enough for them. Anything from plant proteins can be damaging.

Can Horsefield Tortoises eat birds

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Can Horsefield Tortoises eat Birds?

To be safe and as an aquatic pet information provider, we recommend Not to feed horsefield tortoises with Animal proteins, Poultry or Birds included.

Also remember that apart from the risk of scute pyramiding, excessive proteins in the diet can make horsefield tortoises overweight because of the high calories of animal proteins.

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Horsefield tortoises are not active movers and they require relatively small amounts of energy for their life activities.

Best Suitable Protein Sources For Horsefield Tortoises: 

  • Spinach
  • Cucumber
  • Carrots
  • Bistro salad (small quantities)
  • Nutrobal supplements.

Avoid These proteins:

  • Animal meat/proreins 
  • Legumes: Peas and Beans

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