Can Horsefield Tortoises Eat Bistro Salad: Is It Right To Feed Them With It?

Horsefield tortoises feed on diverse plants, grasses, weeds, leafy greens, vegetation, flowers, and fruit diets.

A well-balanced diet to keep them healthy is essential, that is why it is important to confirm what is right and safe for them to eat.

Bistro salad contains green oak or butter, bibb lettuce, romaine lettuce, tarragon leaves, parsley leaves, walnuts, eschalots, lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, salt, and pepper. 

Hundred-gram servings of a bistro salad have about 60% fats, 27% proteins, and 13% carbs All giving a total calorie of 230. This salad is rich in calcium, iron, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C.

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Can Horsefield Tortoises eat salad like bistro?

As seen above, bistro salad is made with varieties of veggies making them a healthy choice for your horsefield tortoises.

On the downside they are high in fats and calories and consuming much of it will result in your horse field tortoises being overweight.

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It is for these reasons we recommend that you serve horse field tortoises bistro salad in moderation and occasionally. Once every three to four weeks is recommended.

Can Horsefield Tortoises eat Bistro Salad

Can Horsefield Tortoises Eat Bistro Salad?

The answer is definitely YES as it contains vital minerals such as Calcium which is essential for the general health of the shell.

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At the same time feeding, horsefield tortoises bistro salad in moderation and occasionally is important because of the high calorific diet of bistro salad.

Other Fruits/Vegetation Can Be Mixed With Bistro Salad

You can add a nutrobal supplement to the bistro salad to fortify the diet with more essential vitamins and minerals.

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