Can Horsefield Tortoises Eat Box Jellyfish- Is this possible? See here!

Have you ever had a dangerous attack made by box jellyfish?

You may have heard of swimmers in oceans being stung by box jellyfish.

Box jellyfish are cube-shaped, light blue and transparent sea creatures having up to 15 tentacles grow from each corner of their head/bell and can grow 10 feet in length.

These tentacles are used to sting their prey realizing toxic venom.  Their venom could be very fatal attacking the heart, nervous system, and skin cells.

It is for these reasons that box jellyfish are wonderful predators and unlikely prey for many creatures.

Surprisingly, turtles can go after these aquatic predators and feast on them. What about their similar animal family – horsefield tortoises? Can horsefield tortoise feast on box jellyfish?

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For a horsefield to be able to attack jellyfish like a sea turtle does, it has to be a good swimmer.

Unfortunately, horsefield are not good swimmers and are not armed to attack box jellyfish like sea turtles hence, can’t hunt box jellyfish themselves.

Why sea turtles can eat box jellyfish?

Horsefield tortoises are well equipped for the terrestrial world and their legs are adapted for walking.

Sea turtles are aquatic animals and their legs known as flippers are well adapted for swimming. 

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Together with their protective shell sea turtles use these flippers to avoid the tentacles of box jellyfish when attacking them. 

With ease, they calmly feast on box jellyfish considered very deadly by most other predators.

If a horsefield tortoise should attempt feeding box jellyfish it won’t be able to swing its legs back-forth quickly and flexibly like sea turtles. 

Hence, it will be in danger of attack by box jellyfish and will be prey instead.

Can horsefield tortoises eat box jellyfish?

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Can Horsefield Tortoises Eat Box Jellyfish?

As stated above, horsefield tortoises are not adapted to preying box jellyfish.

Hence, it’s not advisable to allow them in your pond to feast on box jellyfish.

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As sea turtles are natural feeders of box jellyfish and are the same family of tortoises we do not see it as unsafe for tortoises either.

We recommend you hunt the box jellyfish for them and put it on their diet but let this be done on rare occasions.


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