PROTEIN? Can Horsefield Tortoises Eat Box Turtles? Does it have what it takes…?

Box turtles are free-ranging animals native to North America. They inhabit mainly forest and grassy habitats, beside streams or other water sources.

The common box turtles seen in the pet trade are from the wild hence, are not adapted to succeed in confinement.

The diet of box turtles includes plants and animals making them omnivores. A typical wild box turtle eats mainly vegetables such as strawberries and melon. 

Sometimes, they eat meat-based foods such as earthworms, and slugs.

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Meat diets cause no harm to box turtles only that you have to moderate calorie intake to prevent obesity.

Natural Predators Of Box Turtles 

In the wild, few predators like the aquatic giants; sharks, and whales, attack box turtles. 

In the terrestrial world, ghost crabs, dogs, raccoons, seabirds, and other predators feed on eggs and hatchlings of box turtles?

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Are horsefield tortoises part of these predators- can horsefield tortoises prey on box turtles?

Unlike sea and box turtles which are natural predators of some animals for example jellyfish, horsefield tortoises are herbivores and are not adapted to prey on large animals and they can’t eat box turtles.

Can horsefield tortoises eat box turtles?

Can Horsefield Tortoises Eat Box Turtles?

No, horsefield tortoises can’t eat box turtles neither can they prey on them.

You may want to ask, can I kill a box turtle and feed a horsefield tortoise with it?

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The answer to this is also NO.

Do not feed horsefield tortoises what is not part of their natural diet.

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Some good sources of animal proteins are poultry foods such as chicken, and eggs. And these are only to be fed in small quantities once every 6-8 weeks to prevent ill effects of proteins (scute pyramiding).

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