HOW MUCH? Can Horsefield Tortoises Eat Runner Beans?

Runner beans are a tropical American climber bean that is naturally endowed with large red flowers and bright red and black seeds. It is also called Oregon lima beans.

It is a perennial plant grown widely as an ornamental and as a food bean for animals around the world.

Runner Beans consist of various antioxidants ranging from zeaxanthin, Luthien, and B-carotene.

They also have a very good content of protein and fiber that is beneficial to its consumer.

You may be wondering, can horsefield tortoises consume runner beans?

Yes, they can consume runner beans in small amounts and moderation.

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Runner beans are luminous and eating much of them leaves your horsefield tortoiseshell prone to scute pyramiding.

Can horsefield tortoises eat runner beans?

Can Horsefield Tortoises Eat Runner beans?

Horsefield tortoises are very good and beautiful to keep as pets and we are programmed to thrive to get the best of feed, protection, and shelter for them.

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So, to the feeding part, we might get picky about getting the right food for our pets and stumble upon Runner Beans along the line of search.

But the uncertainty of whether it is safe to give our pets might scare us away from giving it to them.

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Runner beans have a lot of nutritional substances as listed in the description part and would be good to serve our pets the best we can give them.

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Runner Beans contain toxic protein phytohaemagglutinin which makes them partially unsafe for consumption.

Until it gets cooked well then it would have removed the toxic protein hereby making it safe for consumption.

So if you are thinking of feeding runner beans to your Horsefield tortoise, just get it cooked well, and then you are good to go.

You only need to feed them the Runner Beans with optimal management and moderation while serving them.

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