So, Can Tortoises eat Bananas Fruit, Peels, Skin e.t.c?

Tortoise can consume bananas and not directly die from eating them.

The issue here is that bananas and other plants with similar material leads to beak rot in many tortoises. This often triggers a life-threatening issue. It was first noticed in captuve bred tortouses in the past.

Banana can stick to the moth areas of tortoises and eventually result in complications.

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Can Tortoises eat Bananas?

Yeah, but only in tiny teeny amounts as banana is high in sugar and can stick to the top parts of your reptiles  mouth.

Additionally, it can upset the gut flora of your pet.

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Yes, I am aware of the fact that many tortoise owners have fed their pets bananas over the years with no physical effect. However, many dead tortoises have been discovered to have liver and kidney damage, when the owners think they are fine 100%.

Can Tortoises eat Bananas

Typically, tortoises that run are mostly in pains, whereas mammals in pain tend to hide away. Some last really long, and that does not mean your tortoise is fine or enjoys the suffering.

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Can Tortoises eat Banana Peels?

Surely! But not too much. Plus, it must be free from pesticide or chemicals.

Can Tortoises eat Banana Leaves?

Yes, they can.

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