Can Turtles Fly in the Air? [Watch Video]

If you throw it hard enough, anything can fly

Throwing animals, on the other hand, is cruel to them and should not be done at all. Many turtle species are endangered and may die from being thrown too hard, which would be very sad and terrible.

People also love tortoises because they are cute and peaceful.

They don’t deserve to be thrown!

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Can Turtles Fly

Isn’t the real question “can turtles fly?”

These three questions are the only ones I have.

“Would a turtle agree to be thrown?

The question is: Is it bad for a turtle to be thrown?

“What are turtles willing to do in order to be able to fly?

They can’t speak, so the first and last questions can’t be answered very well. However, I can, without being a certified veterinarian, tell you that a turtle, like most animals, would likely be hurt by a substantial impact. So, the answer to the middle question is: probably.

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Turtles may not even know what flight is. I don’t know much about turtle intelligence, so they might not be willing to go through anything in order to fly, even if they could. Because I haven’t seen a turtle try to fly, it’s safe to say that they don’t want to.

So, the answer to the first and last questions is: most likely, not.

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So, even though turtles can technically fly, they probably cannot fly with all organisms involved maintaining their respective moralities.

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