Do Snakes eat Turtles/Tortoise? – HOW? & Other FAQ’s

Yes, some snakes have been known to eat smaller turtles, tortoise, tortoise or turtle babies, as well as turtle eggs found in the wild. It is rare, but it happens.

Even if snakes could unhinge their jaws and eat a baby turtle, it wouldn’t be a peaceful meal. A snake can’t eat a turtle, and even if it did, If a snake ate a turtle, it would regurgitate the shell after digestion took place.

What Snakes eat turtles?  Can turtles and snakes coexist? This is understandable, so I looked into it for you.

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So, Do Snakes Eat Turtles or Tortoise?

It is true that snakes can eat small turtles or even babies. They are also known to eat turtle eggs that are easy to find in the wild. If you were a smaller snake, it would be hard for you to eat a turtle because you couldn’t swallow it or even break down its shell.

A large snake-like the Common Kingsnake would be able to do this.

Do Snakes eat Turtles

Can a Snake even Kill and eat a Turtle?

First, let’s look at what snakes might eat turtles as part of their diet. Is it even possible for snakes to kill and eat turtles? This isn’t true for the turtle. There are a few snake species that have evolved to eat other reptiles, but the turtle doesn’t really fit into this group.

If a snake tries to eat a turtle’s shell, it could seriously hurt itself because the shell is very hard for the snake to break down and can cut the snake’s insides because of its sharp edges.

A snake’s diet is partly based on the size of the food it eats. Turtles are often too big for a snake to eat. Because turtles can hide in their shells when they sense danger, it is more difficult for a snake to kill a turtle than it is to kill other prey.

Snakes, on the other hand, often kill their prey by constriction.

This is true, but there are still some snakes that will eat small turtles.

  • Kingsnakes

The Common Kingsnake eats a lot of different things because of its size and the fact that it is found all over the United States. As a rule, the Common Kingsnake is about 30 to 60 inches long. It can and does eat small turtles. The turtle also eats a lot of reptile eggs, like the eggs of turtles.

  • The Desert Snakes

People who live in deserts can find Desert Snakes, which is a type of Kingsnake. They are very similar to the Common Kingsnake. Then, it would make sense that they could also eat turtles, like the Common Kingsnake. Wrong.

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It doesn’t even matter that Desert Snakes are big enough to eat other snakes. They don’t eat turtles, though

  • Anaconda

Snakes wrap and strangle their prey until they die. But not with turtles.

Strangling force is not an issue for turtles. They won’t be out of breath because they’ll be hiding. But an anaconda’s grip is different.

This is one of the world’s largest snakes, capable of overcoming even jaguars.

Also, unlike other snakes, anacondas have teeth that they use to constrict their prey.

For preying on smaller freshwater turtles, a full-grown anaconda’s jaws are flexible enough to swallow them whole.

  • The Black Snakes

A snake called the Black Snake, also known as the Black Rat Snake, does not eat turtles. As the name implies, the Black Rat Snake eats a lot of rodents, especially rats. There have also been times when they have eaten frogs and small lizards, but they seem to stay away from turtles.

  • Corn Snakes.

Corn snakes are long animals, but they don’t eat turtles. They can grow up to 5 feet long. People say that they’re a very narrow type of snake. Even small turtles would be too big for it to eat.

As someone who had a pet corn snake as a child, it’s almost funny to think about a small corn snake trying to get its mouth around a turtle.

  • Snakes in the water

Water snakes like to stay and hunt near the water, which makes sense. This is a picture of a water snake. They like to eat small fish and amphibians, like cricket frogs. They don’t like turtles, so they don’t eat them.

Even the Snapping Turtle would be more dangerous to the Water Snake than a turtle would be to the Water Snake.

  • The Ball Pythons

When you hear the word “python,” you usually think of a huge and powerful snake. The Ball Python is only about the same length as a Corn Snake. When they are out in the wild, Ball Pythons eat rodents and sometimes birds.

They don’t like turtles though!

  • The Garter Snakes

Garter snakes eat a lot of different things. They aren’t very picky and will eat anything from fish to rodents to amphibians.

They aren’t meant to eat other reptiles, so they don’t eat turtles.

Can snakes eat turtle eggs?

If snakes like to eat fully grown turtles, we already talked about that. What about turtle eggs and young turtles? In the wild, snakes will hunt for turtle eggs because they are a very healthy snack.

Because turtles tend to leave their egg nests alone after they’ve laid them, snakes can go after them without much risk.

It isn’t always the bigger snakes that look for turtle eggs. Because turtle eggs are buried in the sand, not all snakes are good at digging.

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What about little turtles?

They have a much softer shell than adults, which would hurt less if a snake tried to eat them. Snakes can eat baby turtles, but they don’t usually. They usually eat turtles as part of their main meal, like the Common Kingsnake.

Will Snakes eat Box Turtles?

Box turtles are one of the smallest turtle species. They are only about six inches long, which is about the length of a pencil. And, yes, they do look like a small box. They have an oblong-shaped shell, and they often hide their legs and head inside of it, making it look like a small box.

If you think about how tiny Box turtles are, you might not be surprised to learn that snakes are known to eat Box turtle babies. That box turtles have been known to eat snakes is more interesting.

If you live in the wild, a box turtle is known to have a “catch anything you can” attitude, which does include snakes. A lot of people don’t like Box turtles and snakes as pets because they don’t get along.

Do Turtles attract Snakes?

If you have a turtle and know that some snakes like to eat them, you might wonder if it will bring snakes to your house. Keep in mind that captive turtles would not be able to bring a snake into your home. You don’t have to be afraid, though.

However, if you feed your turtle outside and leave some food out, you might get a snake. So be careful. In order to get a snake to bite, a turtle would only have to do this on purpose.

Can Snakes & Turtles Coexist?

Snakes and turtles shouldn’t be mixed. First, their dietary requirements differ. Their habitats too. Turtles live mostly in water, while snakes live in burrows and holes.

Also, keeping a pregnant turtle with snakes isn’t safe for the eggs.

As a result, when your turtle matures, it will attack your pet snake.

Why Keeping Snakes And Turtles Is Bad

As previously stated, mixing snakes and turtles is not advised. This is because their diets differ. Like snakes, turtles feed on small insects as well as pellets, feeder fish, and vegetables.

Your turtles, like us, need a balanced diet. They are omnivores who will transition from carnivore to herbivore as they mature. Snakes are carnivores and their diet does not match that of turtles.

Snails do not need to eat as often as turtles, Baby snakes can be fed twice a week. One meal per week for adults.

However, baby turtles must eat regularly. After six years, they lose their appetite and only need to eat once a week.

  • They live in a different way.

To keep snakes, you will need a large terrarium. Snakes are long, so a long horizontal tank is required.

Suppose you own a 30ft python or an anaconda. Then get a bigger terrarium.

Because each snake breed is unique, their habitat requirements vary. Tropical snakes, unlike desert snakes, require moist environments.

Most turtles require freshwater to survive. Be aware of the 30-gallon-per-turtle-ratio This will help you when ordering a turtle tank.

Also, not all snakes thrive in water. Most snakes require terrariums.

  • It is possible for both of them to be territorial.

When another creature enters their territory, both turtles and snakes become aggressive.

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This will peak during pregnancy or mating season. They will not back down during this phase, leading to unwelcome confrontations.

How to Keep Snakes And Turtles Together

Snakes and turtles should not be mixed. Separate them in tanks. Invest in a vivarium with good lighting. You can keep turtles outside or in a turtle tank.

Keep aquatic plants and a basking area for turtles. No need for a basking spot for snakes.

Both pets require similar lighting. Keep their habitat lights on for 12 hours. They require 12 hours of light and dark.

Can a Snapping Turtle eat a Snake?

Snapping turtles eat snakes. Snapping turtles, unlike most turtles, can hunt snakes underwater. Their sharp jaws will gnaw off a snake’s skin and devour it.

Do Box Turtles Eat Snakes?

Box turtles can eat dead snakes but a live one will cause harm.

Do Snakes Eat Baby Turtles?

Yes! Snakes are able to eat baby turtles, but it is a hard meal. So, most prefer not to hunt turtles.

Do Water Snakes Eat Turtles?

Yes, some water snakes can eat turtles.

Do Snapping Turtle Eat Water Snakes?

Their powerful jaws are able to cut some snakes in halves. After which, they proceed to eat them.

Do Garter Snakes Eat Turtles?

Garter snakes eat a lot of different things. They aren’t very picky and will eat anything from fish to rodents to amphibians.

They aren’t meant to eat other reptiles, so they don’t eat turtles.

Do Rat Snakes Eat Turtles?

Rat snakes primarily feed on rats and mice. So, unless they are starving, rat snakes won’t think of preying on turtles.

Do Water Snakes Eat Baby Turtles?

Some water snakes may hunt, kill, and eat baby turtles.

Do Turtles Eat Dead Snakes?

Yes! It is an amazing food for them. I have watched turtles and tortoise eat their own poop. So, yeah.

Do Snakes Eat Small Turtles?

Sometimes? Yes! Other times? No

Does Snakes Eat Turtles?

Some snakes may prey on turtles if there aren’t any other food sources around.

Do Black Snakes Eat Turtles?

A snake called the Black Snake, also known as the Black Rat Snake, does not eat turtles. As the name implies, the Black Rat Snake eats a lot of rodents, especially rats. There have also been times when they have eaten frogs and small lizards, but they seem to stay away from turtles.

Do Bull Snakes Eat Turtles?

Turtles aren’t on the menu of bull snakes but a curious one may try to take a bite.


Snakes will eat anything smaller than themselves. They love to eat turtle eggs. They will eat baby turtles if they fit in their mouth.

Adult turtles are too tough for snakes to eat. When not digested properly, these shells can be fatal. So, in most cases, they will leave wild turtles alone.

But some snakes, like anacondas and pythons, can swallow and digest a whole turtle.

Snakes and turtles do not live in the same habitat and require different diets. Keeping them together isn’t wise. Both species are territorial and prefer a solitary life.

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