Do Turtles eat Duckweed? LEARN MORE

Duckweed is safe to feed to turtles. It’s a favorite among turtles.

Mine won’t eat it if it’s growing in the tank like little pigs. Only if you threw some in during feeding time would that happen. It’s completely safe.

Duckweed has a cool appearance and will not harm a turtle. However, it has the potential to spiral out of control and infiltrate your filter system. Unless you have a larger pond, most keepers try to avoid duckweed.

Anarchis is an excellent option.

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Do Turtles eat Duckweed?

My two musk turtles tolerated Duckweed just fine, but I ended up removing it all.

I had two issues with it…

1) It adheres to everything, and anything that is out of water (say, the waterline as water evaporates) dies and becomes debris that must be removed.

2) It irritated my Razorback Musk, who found it itchy as it got stuck under the edges of her carapace and tried to bite it out.
To be fair, my Razorback Musk even tries to bite skin off her when she sheds a little, so the Duckweed is probably not as bad as you’d think, but when you combine it with the mess it makes, I’m happier without it.

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My Sliders ate it all, so there’s no point in putting more in their tank.

Another problem with duckweed is that it tends to clog the filter intake depending on the setup, i.e. shallower water, particularly with HOB filters.

Duckweed (Wolfia sp.), a free-floating aquatic plant with flowers said to be the smallest in the world, is covering our mystery creature. This plant’s presence may indicate that there are too many nutrients in the water, particularly nitrate and phosphate. On the plus side, Duckweed provides a protein-rich (40 percent) food source for waterfowl, juvenile fish, and other wildlife (including humans in Southeast Asia).

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Do Turtles eat Duckweed

Do Painted Turtles eat Duckweed?

Duckweed is safe to feed to painted turtles. It’s a favorite among turtles.

Do Slider Turtles eat Duckweed

Duckweed is safe to feed to Slider turtles. It’s a favorite among turtles.

Is Duckweed safe for Turtles?

Duckweed is safe to feed to turtles. It’s a favorite among turtles.

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