What are the Best Tortoise Substrates [Indoor & Outdoors]

Best Tortoise Substrates

The selection of a tortoise substrate for the enclosure sometimes causes keepers anxiety since some are excellent while others are highly dangerous. Knowing which substrates are suitable for your tortoise and which are not may alleviate any worries you may have. Your substrate selection should be determined by the tortoise’s species, enclosure configuration, ambient humidity, … Read more

Do Snails Live in Water or Land? Science Explained!

Do Snails Live in Water or Land

Land snails will quickly drown in water. Indeed, this is the standard method for preparing them for anatomical examination. It usually takes less than 24 hours, but this is temperature dependent. Another point to consider is the fact that land snails require moisture to survive. The term “snail” refers to gastropods that can completely retract … Read more