Can Tortoises eat Peas? FIND OUT!

Can Tortoises eat Peas

Peas are good for tortoises when fed in small amounts every now and then. They are legumes, so higher in protein than other plants but not “bad”. Carrots and peas are rich in sugar and might upset the digestive tract. Perhaps feed only once or the other unless you make it a very small feast. … Read more

Why do Turtles Chirp? – 4 REASONS!

Why do Turtles Chirp

If you have a turtle pet, you are probably familiar with some of its odd habits and quirks. As explained in today’s post. The chirping of a turtle is most commonly heard when they are basking in the sun, but they can also chirp underwater. Even though this article focuses primarily on red-eared sliders, most of … Read more

400+ Best Tortoise Names [&Turtles Too] – Males, Females…

Best Tortoise Names

Choosing a name for your pet turtle or tortoise may be straightforward if your creature exhibits distinctive markings, traits, or movements. If nothing comes to mind, consider these well-known fictional turtles from literature, film, comics, or history. Alternatively, you can use the species’ names as a reference, such as red-eared slider (Rosy) or snapping turtle … Read more