Can Hermann Tortoise Eat Arugula Greens? FIND OUT

Can Hermann Tortoise Eat Arugula

Baby Lettuces are safe for torts with no negative effects. However, can your pet tortoise eat arugula? If so, how much is safe? Can Hermann tortoises eat arugulas? Baby green such as arugula, mizuna, tatsoi, baby spinach, and red swiss chard are safe for your pet Hermann tortoise. Can Hermann Tortoise Eat Arugula Greens? Yes! … Read more

Can Hermann Tortoise Eat Apples? HOW MUCH IS SAFE?

Can Hermann Tortoise Eat Apples

Feeding a Russian tortoise comes with certain responsibilities especially in the area of feeding. So, are apple safe for Hermann tortoise? Are they a healthy option? So, can a Hermann tortoise eat apples? Yes, but under strict moderation. Perhaps, once or twice every 3 months is safe. That is because apple is a fruit and … Read more

Can Hermann Tortoise Eat Bananas as Treats? LEARN MORE

Can Hermann Tortoise Eat Banana

Can Hermann Tortoises eat banannas? Banana is a fruit and fruits should be fed under strict moderation. Can Hermann Tortoise Eat Bananas? Hermann tortoises can be fed banana in small amounts because it is rich in sugar. Feed healthy greens more though, your tortoise will eat it when it hungry enough. Can Hermann Tortoise Eat … Read more

Can Horsefield Tortoise Eat Blueberries? FIND OUT

Can Horsefield Tortoise Eat Blueberries

Horsefield tortoise is a nice pet to own, but they aren’t for every caretaker. They have some really specific needs in terms of climate and the type of food they eat. Can horsefield tortoises eat blueberries? Horsefields generally shouldn’t be fed fruits, but if you wanted to give a TINY itty bit, then that would … Read more