Red Eared Slider without Red Ears – Secret Breed? FIND OUT!

It’s possible that the turtle is a Cumberland if it doesn’t have the traditional red ear. They have little orange stripes behind their eyes on some of them. It is usually pale or feeble if it does. Some people are completely devoid of it.

It’s COULD also be a yellow bellied slider – Trachemys scripta scripta.

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why does my red eared slider not have red ears

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Do Red Eared Sliders have Ears?

ed eared sliders can lack red ears, and still be a red eared slider. This is a result of a hybrid, such as a cumberland+res, map+res, where the ears are either completely yellow, or a combination of yellow and red. I have a hybrid, and her ears are DUN DUN DUN.

Red ear slider turtle is losing red tint on sides of the head. Why?

Some turtles, like people, may get gray hair as a natural occurrence. Your RES, on the other hand, is a little young for this shift. Confirm suitable environmental and dietary parameters (request a consult if you like and we can discuss your set up in detail). To rule out infection, make an appointment with a herp vet for a physical examination. Keep an eye out for sores, fatigue, or a loss of appetite.

Red Eared Slider without Red Ears

Why does my Red Eared Slider not have Red Ears?

True Cumberland sliders will have the same vertical striping as YBS sliders, which can be confusing. Because a RES and YBS intergrade (which is highly prevalent in farmed sliders) can look remarkably identical to a true troosti, which is native to a relatively small area of the country and hence fairly uncommonly seen in the trade, I’m hesitant to identify a pet commerce slider as a true Cumberland.

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But it’s just a matter of nitpicking. It makes little difference if it’s a troosti, RES, or YBS in terms of care.

RES, on the other hand, can have yellow, red, or orange ears, to answer the original question. I’d name it a Cumberland slider if it had striped pants on its rump. There’s no danger in it.

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