Red Crab Rock Garden

Always keeping watch and perfect time, the Red Crabs of the Rock Garden march to their own unique percussive tune. Right at home amongst the swaying strands of seaweed, you'll find them weaving in and out of the sand between the rocks and pillars of starfish-covered stone.

Anchor Cliffs

Precariously balanced at the canyon's edge, this enormous anchor is home to a colony of musical clams, red shrimp and tiny minnows swimming amongst the links of chain as it leads upward to the surface. It looks like it's been here for a while. Who does it belong to?

The Shipwreck

We'll never know if these unlucky sailors were honest men, but isn't it just like a pirate to try to scare you away from their gold? Are you brave enough to venture close to their sunken treasure? Something doesn't seem quite right about a chest full of loot with so many bubbles.

More Coming Soon!

We'll be adding more places and things to see, so please check back again soon!