Turtle not Moving, Eyes Open – What to do!

Is your turtle appearing limp but with his eyes open? When you touch its legs, it appears to move slightly. It does not eat, despite the fact that you can open its mouth and it appears to be moist.

Please pinch a back foot and observe for any reflex action, such as pulling away from the pain.

Additionally, can you gently tap around the eye, not in it, and observe whether he blinks? If he becomes reactive, there is a chance it is still alive.

If you are receiving reflex action, he is still alive. He may have chosen to hibernate, but they typically withdraw into their shells when they do. He requires a UVB light to illuminate him because sunlight cannot penetrate glass and is filtered.

I recommend purchasing a Reptisun 10.0 Linear tube immediately. He will also require calcium supplements, which will be metabolized by the UVB bulb in the body and converted to D3, thereby preventing Metabolic Bone Disease.

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This is critical because MBD has the potential to kill a turtle. http://exoticpets.about.com/cs/reptilesgeneral/a/metabolicbd.htm

turtle not moving eyes open

I’d like you to try some plain saline eye drops without preservatives for your eyes. With them open, the eye can become dry, so we must protect it.

I’m concerned because he sounds extremely frail; this could be MBD, as mentioned previously, or it could be a Vitamin Deficiency.

I’d like you to give him a soak in a 50/50 solution of warm water and Pedialyte. This is an electrolyte soak that should assist him in recovering from his weakness. I would recommend contacting a Herp Vet immediately for blood work to determine what is causing this.

I can only administer first aid at the moment, but he will need to be assessed physically to ensure he receives the best care possible. If you do not have a herp veterinarian, I can assist you in locating one through a State. Kindly notify me.

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Pedialyte is an electrolyte solution that can be absorbed via the skin and vent area. Cooking small slivers of liver, which is high in Vitamin A, is an option. They usually administer Vitamin A via injection and will initiate calcium supplementation as well. Texas A&M does have an excellent veterinary school.

I strongly advise you to obtain the UVB bulb immediately; this is critical.

The diet should consist of 50% leafy greens, 25% live prey or cooked meats, and 25% pellets. As previously stated, he does require the calcium supplement to work properly with the UVB bulb.

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What do I do if my Turtle won’t open its Eyes and barely Moves?

See your vet for care. But it sounds like vitamin D deficiency. Make sure you have the proper light at the proper distance from your turtle. Also, take vitamin D3.

Could be a vitamin deficit. MBD. It could also be too much UVB exposure. That’s why the turtle’s eyes are closed. Check the turtle’s UV exposure and adjust it to the species’ needs.

See if a pet store has a UVB solar meter you can borrow or rent. Consider buying one. Too much or too little UV exposure is harmful to the animal.

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