What does Turtle Taste Like? [Our Experiences]

When it comes to the taste of turtle, it can range from mild to robust, depending on the variety and preparation method. Sea turtles, the majority of which are now protected species, can be described as “beefy,” and their flavor and texture are frequently compared to that of veal, despite the veal’s higher fat content.

However, despite being fatter than the majority of fish, freshwater turtles have a fishy taste to their mouths.

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When it comes to reptiles, land turtles and tortoises are virtually indistinguishable from snakes and alligators. Chickeny would be a good term to describe this flavorful dish.

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Bella says:

Turtle soup was served to me and my mother by relatives in China. Whatever it was, it was freaking delicious. I don’t know what kind of animal it was. It was incredibly flavorful, with a strong gamey undertone. It had the texture and flavor of a cross between tuna and chicken. I couldn’t stop eating it.

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The meat of Chinese turtles is utterly irresistible.

What does Turtle Taste Like

John Says:

Snapper soup, a Philadelphia delicacy made from snapping turtles, was a staple in my childhood diet. Before being cooked to near- or-total dissolution, turtles are slaughtered, cleaned, and prepped for the dish.

In the end, you’ll have a rich, flavorful broth with meat that tastes a lot like beef, but way better. It doesn’t taste at all like fish to me. Hard-cooked eggs from either the turtle or chicken eggs are commonly used in turtle soups, and sherry is often added for flavor.

Food from my hometown is what I miss the most.

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