Why do Turtles ride on Alligators? [with Video]

Turtles will crawl on anything to get out of the water and lay around, and fallen logs are very common. They probably can’t tell the difference between an alligator that is still and a log that isn’t moving, though. It could also be that the turtles know what the gator is and are hoping to join in and pick up scraps after it bites.

When the turtle is stuck in place, I think the gators don’t move it because it could scare away their prey.

In pictures and videos of turtles on the internet, you may have seen turtles riding on the backs of crocodiles.

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This is why you should spend some time looking at turtles on the internet. It might make you wonder if these animals are really so good at getting along with each other.

Don’t the turtles ever get eaten by the crocs again? Or do they agree on something?

It’s important for turtles to get out of water and into the sun in order to get warm. In this case, the crocodiles are used to lay in the sun.

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Why do Turtles ride on Alligators

Photos that go viral often make it seem like this isn’t as rare as it is. You can listen to an episode of Radiolab that talks about this called “Goat on a Cow.” We remember things we don’t see very often even if they aren’t weird. People often see goats on top of cows when goats and cows live together.

A person who isn’t paying attention might think this isn’t as common as it seems.

Alligators have powerful jaws that can break shells with more than 2000 pounds of pressure per square inch when they bite.

It’s not very unusual for crocodiles and alligators to eat turtles, but it isn’t always.

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It’s not their favorite thing on the menu, but when the time comes, they’ll eat them.

There are also times when turtles are able to escape because of the shape of their shells.

It doesn’t always work out for turtles when they live with alligators and crocodiles who don’t want to eat them. You can see this in a video below.

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