Will My Turtle die if I Suck it’s Pee-Pee

The answer is no. If you suck their p.e.n.i.s, turtles will not die. That’s absurd. The turtle will begin to squirm and m.o.a.n. You, on the other hand, could end up dying as a result of that decision.

The presence of venomous bacteria in turtle sp..erm is well-known and has been linked to dental decay and lesions on the tongue.

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Someone once sucked an alligator snapping turtle and his tongue swelled up so much that it blocked his airway.

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Will My Turtle die if I Suck

If the p.e.n.i.s of a pet turtle erupts, it is extremely dangerous for the turtle because it is nearly impossible to reinsert it back into its shell.

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If it doesn’t go back in, your only options are to wait or have a veterinarian examine it.

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